Strömsfors Industrial Museum in Svenljunga

Come and explore our cultural heritage at this fascinating historical site. Bring a picnic, and enjoy the lovely scenery.

Strömsfors’ industrial past
Strömsfors’ history is largely characterised by the development, operation and eventual closure of the Ironworks, but the textile industry was also a significant employer of the community here. Industrialisation in Strömsfors started in the second half of the 19th century, and harnessing the power in the river Assman which runs through this area made it possible. Back then water power was vital for the construction and running of the factories, and the river’s winding course with its many rapids and falls was an excellent source of power.

Nowadays the key factors that help this centre to live on, are the beautiful natural surroundings and the waterway, as well as its rich cultural heritage. The ironworks itself and the beautiful old factory owners’ villa are in the process of being renovated, and the whole area is beginning to come alive again with activities and restoration work. You’ll also find a café and shop on site.

Strömsfors Heritage Trail
The trail has ten information boards that tell you all about the many historic buildings on the Strömsfors site. The boards, placed alongside the waterway, are in three languages. The path is accessible by car and foot, in a wheelchair or with a walking frame, or pram. You’ll find folders describing the walk by the information board. For those wanting to get around on two wheels an alternative route for the Sjuhäradsled Cycle Path goes past Strömsfors Ironworks. It’s a popular route that rewards those who choose to cycle it.

The Strömsfors Group arrange the activities that take place here
The Strömsfors Group is a not for profit community development organisation, made up of private individuals, businesses and local residents. Strömsfors Group is a member of the Swedish Rural Development Agency scheme Hela Sverige Ska Leva Sjuhärad, and its aim is to conserve the historic buildings on this site and display them to the public in a new and exciting way. The group arranges frequent activities and runs joint projects with Villa Strömsfors which is also undergoing total renovation, owned by the building firm Hökerum Bygg. The group also cooperates with Licato Anläggningar AB who own the ironworks buildings many of the activities take place in.

Getting to Strömsfors
A journey of just one hour and ten minutes from Gothenburg will take you to Strömsfors Industrial Museum, which is situated on the road between Svenljunga and Tranemo. Svenljunga is part of the county of Sjuhärad and the larger region of West Sweden. Strömsfors also runs some joint activities with Uddebo, whose focus is on sustainable development and the Art Paddling project. Strömsfors is a former industrial community under construction. The Strömsfors Group’s aim is to make Strömsfors an obvious tourist destination in West Sweden.

Strömsfors is a historic and culturally rich heritage area set in stunning natural surroundings. The Strömsfors Group organise activities on the site.

Opening times
You’ll find up to date information about opening times and what’s on in Strömsfors and the surrounding area on our information board and in the picnic area, and on our website: stromsforsgruppen.se. You’re very welcome to bring your own picnic, or enjoy a snack at nearby Göta’s café. On site you can walk the Heritage Trail, sit and enjoy the lovely surroundings or join in with activities at the museum.

How to find us
Coming from Borås drive south east on road 27, then turn right onto road 154. In Svenljunga go left on road 156 (Brogatan) towards Tranemo. Strömsfors is on this road, past Kinds Golf Club and then Götas café.